What is the EVIDENT Platform?

EVIDENT Platform, offers significant advantages for users, researchers, and policymakers alike. Developed by the EVIDENT consortium, it enables the design and implementation of online lab experiments through its dual-role system for organizers and participants. With access to a wide array of applications, including surveys and serious games, organizers can craft custom e-lab experiments tailored to their research goals. Participants benefit from a user-friendly registration process, which grants them access to an array of intriguing experiments. Meanwhile, researchers enjoy the advantage of harnessing diverse and anonymized data, propelling their studies forward with confidence. Policymakers are given the opportunity to exploit the insights gleaned from such experiments by drafting informed data-driven policies, bridging the gap between scientific discovery and real-world impact. By fostering a collaborative and innovative environment, EVIDENT Platform empowers all stakeholders in shaping a brighter, more informed future.

Why sign up?

Be Involved!

By signing up to join the EVIDENT platform you are enabled to work with researchers to deepen your knowledge, explore new ideas and be part of a collaborative ecosystem that fosters growth, innovation, and progress.

Be Heard!

Members can participate in experiments and give their unique insights into the outputs, allowing researchers to develop more effective methodologies and policy makers to make informed policy decisions.


Users have the opportunity to access up-to-date research findings in various fields, allowing them to be better informed and expand their knowledge base.

Have Fun!

The platform will host serious games that community members can play and have some fun while learning about diverse topics. These games are short, informative and most of all fun!

Frequently asked questions
Why should I bother?
By signing up you are joining a community of like minded individuals who are actively helping researchers and policy makers to address cutting-edge research and policy questions. Our belief is that we need to work together to ensure that policy measures and support are designed in a way that will be effective for all members of society. By sharing your insights and experiences, researchers can gain greater understanding of individual points of view, and can make sure that there are tools or policy measures taken so that no one is left behind.
To sign up all you need is an email address and a password you select. Upon signing up you will be asked to provide some basic demographic information, like your age, gender and country in which you live, so that we know which experiments might be most useful for you.
What aspects of the platform you choose to get involved with is completely up to you. Once you sign in you can click on the ‘participate’ tab to see what experiments are available. Here you will be shown some brief information on what each experiment is exploring, and what taking part might look like (i.e. a serious game, a survey etc.). You can then choose to participate in as many or as little experiments as you would like! You can also choose to have a look at what data gathered through the EVIDENT platform is telling us and learn about research being conducted.
At the start of every experiment you participate in, the EVIDENT Data gathered within the platform is safely stored. All data will be completely anonymous, so no one will be able to know what data is yours. All researchers who are hoping to use the platform to conduct an experiment will have to apply to an EVIDENT approval board who will look to make sure that the researcher is appropriately qualified to conduct the research, that the research will be ethical and that data will be managed in compliance with GDPR. Data can be accessed by other researchers upon request and approval by the EVIDENT consortium.

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