Tailor made

Experience EVIDENT Platform's tailor-made features, designed to elevate your research endeavors. Enjoy seamless customization of your experiments, effortlessly combining surveys and serious games. Embrace a platform that evolves with you, adapting to your unique research needs.

Easy to use

Discover the user-friendly experience of the EVIDENT Platform, crafted to simplify your research journey. Effortlessly navigate intuitive survey creation tools and interfaces for designing, implementing, and analyzing experiments. Embrace a platform where innovation and ease of use go hand in hand.

Large pool of participants

Tap into the platform's extensive participant pool, ensuring diverse and robust data for your research. Gain access to a community of engaged individuals eager to contribute to groundbreaking studies. Experience the benefits of a far-reaching audience for your experiments.

What is EVIDENT platform?

Create, Engage and Share

Users can design captivating questionnaires, engage with a large audience and share their experiments.


The EVIDENT platform empowers researchers to work together to expand their knowledge and harness the collective intellect of a diverse research community.

Creating a Community

Individuals, researchers and policymakers can cooperate and take actions together.

Impact on science

The EVIDENT Platform accelerates the advancement of science by providing researchers with cutting-edge tools. The supported serious games, survey design tools and data collection features will drive meaningful progress in diverse fields.