What is the EVIDENT Platform?

Through the EVIDENT Platform, a cutting-edge data collection ecosystem is implemented to revolutionize your research journey. Our platform offers an innovative space for the creation and implementation of online lab experiments, including surveys and serious games. With a focus on collaboration and customization, EVIDENT Platform empowers you to design unique e-lab experiments that cater to your specific research needs. By harnessing the power of our diverse participant pool, you'll gain access to a wealth of reliable, anonymized data that fuels the advancement of knowledge across various fields. With user-friendly tools and features at your fingertips, you can seamlessly manage and analyze your research, transforming insights into meaningful impact.

How can the platform be used for research?

Host Experiments, Surveys and Games

Access data from previous research

Gather participants for experiments
and quasi-experiments

Share your research with other researchers
and policy makers

Frequently asked questions
Data gathered within this study will be stored on the EVIDENT data platform. Data from this platform will be accessible to other researchers upon request and approval to the consortium. To use this platform researchers will be required to apply for approval to access this data using a justification form. Applications will be approved by the project coordinator and the Ethics and Privacy Committee. Researchers will be required to be based within the EU. According to the EU directive for open data, the access storage of data is being conducted to allow other researchers outside the EVIDENT consortium to further extend any findings made. The members of the consortium have access to the available data. All data will be anonymised, and no sensitive data will be stored.

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